Next Door Hookups – Pool Toy

It is a warm, summer time, hot mid-day in the back garden of one next door hookups Miss Nicky D. She engages several rotating day-laborers regularly, one named Jack King. He is a hard-working man who loves to keep to himself and also stay aside, particularly of the lady boss.
This afternoon, however, he was asked to manage some leaves that were sitting right under the seat upon which Nikki D was sitting, having a glass of  lemonade close to the pool.This nextdoorhookups hot lady likes teasing her employees occasionally while they working, showing off her sexy body and getting a glimmer of desire in their eyes. Yet this time differs. Nikki was unable to fight the this sexy nextdoor hookups guy. She has treating herself to some helping of his tricky, delicious penis by slurping it with enthusiasm. As soon as she has ready for a nice hammering from her gifted worker, she will give specific directions how she needs his cock. Enjoy! If you liked this video update you might check out blog for similar content. Bye!


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Neighborly Fun with James and Hope

The sexy next door hookups chick Hope is tanning by the pool on a hot summer day when her neighbor James sees her. She looks so good in her bikini and he always gets a hard on when he sees her like that. When she starts rubbing oil on her body and boobs he can’t take it anymore and takes out his cock to jerk off while watching her. She sees him and pretty much figures it out what is he doing.

Hope decides to tell him to come over and poor guy doesn’t know what to do, but she starts taking off her bikini and goes in the house. He goes to her a few seconds later and finds her with her legs spread open. She takes off his pants and starts sucking his huge cock, then he bends her over the couch and fucks her hard doggy style. If you like what you see go and check out our amazing sex scenes. Have fun and visit us again soon!


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Next Door Hookups – Head Cheerleader Fuck

We are back with another hot next door hookups update for you guys live from the locker room. This sexy cheerleader got roughly hammered by the football team captain. She noticed him checking her out, but she wasn’t going to make the first move so she waited. A few weeks ago his team won the championship and they all went to celebrate at a bar next to their university. But after everyone left he went in her locker room and caught her changing, so half of the work was done. She was wearing only her socks and her sneakers so he went to her and started making out while fingering her pussy. Before you know it she was getting fucked on one of the benches. If you enjoyed this you must see 18XGirls for the hottest teens getting pounded. Enjoy it and see you next time!


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Locker Lust

Hey there! We are back with another hot next door hookups scene. This time we have this cutie that wanted to congratulate her neighbor in a very special way and that is, of course, getting fucked in his locker room. The sexy brunette had a little crush for her next door neighbor, but didn’t really knew how to tell him. He was a professional football player and had this amazing body she wanted to get her hands on. They were friends, but he never seemed interested in her, so she lost her hopes. The other day he came to her place to invite her to his big game and insisted that she would be there. She went and her hot neighbor and his team did an amazing job and they won the game. She wanted to congratulate him so after the game she waited for him next to the locker, but for a while no one came out so she entered. Luckily for her there wasn’t there so she looked in the showers to see if he was there. He was already half naked so she went for it and she did a good thing, because before you know it she was getting pounded. If you liked this nextdoorhookups scene check out for more hot babes getting pounded. Enjoy it!

next door hookups locker lust

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Next Door Hookups – Hugh Jazz and Heather

Hugh is a police officer and one day when he was raiding his neighborhood from work he sees his next door hookups chick Heather walking the streets. It’s not the first time when he sees her there and he knows that she is looking for clients in brought daylight again. He pulls over the car and picks her up telling her that she should find a better place where her neighbor’s can’t see her. He doesn’t wants to get her in trouble because hey grew up together but he would like to help her to get her life in order.

Ah he is driving her home she tells him that she likes her job and he has no right to tell her how to live her life, plus she loves sucking cocks and she can to it however and whenever she wants. He can’t stop looking at her body which is barely covered and she starts stroking his cock through his pants. He gets rock herd and pulls over when Heather starts giving him a blowjob. They both get naked and she gets on top of him to ride his big cock. Have fun watching this scene and go to to check out naughty hot amateurs picked up by strangers and fucked.


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